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Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual Processes

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Activity Groups


Click on a Group icon  (eg. group_generic_xsml) to open the module .








Advanced User Information


ICE V2.30 Update:

Staff Reviews

When viewing Staff Review Reports, the following are displayed for equipment reviews:

System Number

Serial Number

Equipment Description

Staff Review Report


ICE V2.21 Update:

End of Day:

System will delete all empty transactions for the selected Drawer and deletes all transactions which does not have drawer on count submit.


End of Year:

Admin > System Defaults > Company > General Cont tab:

Changed the Group Box Label "GL Periods" to "Auto Change"

Changed "Auto Change GL periods' to 'GL Periods'

Added a new default called "GL Year" & set to YES

If the new GL Year exists, then system sets the GL period. If the new GL period does not exist, a new GL period is created and then sets the GL Period [including leap year].



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