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Process Overview : Assess Management



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Asset Management refers to Setup Tables that interface with the Equipment Masterfile.

These Setup Tables have a direct impact on the functionality of the Equipment Masterfile and the other ICE Business System modules that are integrated to it.





Click on a Overview icon  (eg. flow_processing activities (brown)_sml) to open the Overviews and Coaching .


flow_setup activities (Brown)



Advanced User Information


ICE V2.30 Update

Meter Read Email Address

The Meter Read Email field has been lengthened from 60 characters to 255 characters, so that multiple email addresses can be entered and separated with the standard semi-colon:

Admin > Equipment > General Details > Meter Read Email


ICE V2.25 Update

Master Files Hotlinks

Hotlinks between Customer Master, Equipment Master and Auto Billing Contract file:

New buttons have been added to the Customer Master, Equipment Master and Auto Billing Contract forms to hotlink them together.

This is a convenience feature that simplifies the process of viewing relationships between customers, equipments and billings without having to run separate searches in several master forms.

This feature will aid in completing a simple audit to ensure all machines being serviced under a maintenance contract are in fact being Auto Billed.


Customer Master File

Equipment Master File

Automatic Billing Form



ICE v2.21 Update:


Equipment Master Accessories:

Equipment accessories can now be automatically maintained when selling/returning correctly set up stock items via AR Invoicing, Service Job Parts or Non Invoiced Parts.

When a stock item that is flagged as an accessory in Stock Master is added to an AR invoice line against an equipment, an accessory will be automatically added to the Equipment Master record for that equipment.

The new accessory will be visible on the Equipment Master Accessory tab, together with relevant purchase and sale details. If the stock item is serialised then a new accessory will be added to the equipment for each serial number used. A credit note for an accessory also creates an Equipment Master Accessory record but with a negative quantity.

In Stock Master, flagging an item as Accessory Stock (on the Details tab) now requires an Accessory Type to be set. This will initially be populated with the default accessory type set inAdmin>Setup>Inventory>Inventory Types for the particular stock type.





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