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Instructions : Password


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plus Activity Stages

Click on the required tab above or scroll down


Access User Master


Locate User


Modify Password


plus Access


Admin ð User

Speed Button:



plus Objectives

Following are the objectives of these instructions:

Modify password assigned to a user


1: Access User Master



1. Use the menu path:

Admin ð User



2: Locate User


User Master

On entering the User Master it is possible to:

Search for an existing user

Add a new user



In these instructions we are going to search for a user

1. Click btn_BP_Search button to retrieve list of users



User Master / Browse

1. Click btn_BP_Detail button on row of required user to display details of that user.



Clicking btn_BP_Link Group button on row of user will display Link Group Panel where the user can be linked to a group



Edit User

1. Review selected user

2. Click btn_BP_Modify Password button.



Modify Password

1. Review selected user.

2. Complete the following values:



New Password

Can take characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, all special characters

Maximum length 20 and minimum 6

Have at least one numeric character (e.g.: 3 or 6 etc)

Have at least one change of case letter (e.g.: "Forgotten12Heroes")

Confirm Password

Retype as in New Password





Information dialog

The dialog displays the message:

The Password is changed successfully

1. Click btn_BP_OK button to continue.



Edit User

1. Click btn_BP_OK button to save the details of the user and modified password.


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