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Search Dialog

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Search Dialog Windows (boxes) are found in most areas in the system where a customer, equipment or product code or ID is required.


This feature is designed for faster data input of data in other tables.


When a full code is known, simply input the code at the relevant field and press enter.


The search dialog will appear and disappear if there is only one match to the code entered.


Full search capabilities are available within the search dialog – i.e. F2, F3, F12 and search options.




Fields in the ICE Business System with an arrow on the right side of the field are used to indicate a search option for the field is available.


The above screenshot shows an example from the Details Tab of the inventory masterfile; both the Product Type and Account Set Code are both search fields.



There are a number of ways to activate a search dialog whilst the cursor is positioned in the search field:


If known, begin typing the first characters of the search field e.g. Product Type Code or Account Set Code.

The search dialog will be activated with the characters entered in the first search field of the search dialog.


Click on the Search arrow at the end of the search field, the search dialog window will open.


Press the Enter key and the search dialog window will open.





When a search dialog is activated using one of the three methods above search dialog window will open as shown to the left.


Search criteria can be entered in one or more of the fields highlighted in blue.



To retrieve data, press the Enter key.


If the search finds only one record that matches the search criteria it will automatically close the search dialog and enter the result in the search field.


Alternatively, press F12  to display a list of records found that match the selection criteria entered, select required record and then click OK button to enter result in the search field.








To scroll through records found, ensure the cursor focus is on a record and use the é or ê arrows to move through the results.


Alternatively, use the PageUp or PageDown keys or the scroll bar on the side of the search dialog.




Filters in Search Criteria



In some search dialogs, a filter (either a checkbox or drop-down field) is automatically applied or available.


Tick or untick the filter as required, or change the default option in the drop down field.


The filters selected, will be used as part of the search criteria.  The screenshot on the left, Equipment Search shows two examples of filters used:

Module Filtering

Customer Only



No Records Found



The screenshot is an example of a search dialog that indicates either the search criteria was incorrect or no records match the search criteria entered.


Press F2 to show details entered and edit previous search; or press F3 to clear the previous search criteria, re-enter alternative search criteria.


Press F12 to retrieve data.





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