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The ICE system has utilised many of the standard Windows features.


This section outlines many of the common objects and terminology used in this guide, at training seminars or when discussing the system with our help desk support staff.


It is recommended that users become familiar with these terms to assist in the ongoing operation of the ICE system.

img_Terminology 1


Active Window

The "Active" Window has the highlighted title bar.

The “Inactive” Window behind has the dulled title bar.

To activate window click on the title bar or use the Window Menu to select another window.


When clicked, displays information relevant to each tab title for the selected record.

Browse Grid

Display and sorting only in this grid.

Records cannot be edited on the Browse Grid.

OK button

Saves current update function and closes the window.

Cancel button

Cancels current update function and closes the window.

Apply button

Activates when updating is required Applies/Saves the current update values.




img_Terminology 2


Active Field

Highlighted with cursor.

Drop-down search

Arrow to the right of the filed which when pressed drops down field choices.

Action button

Provides a possible function if enabled

Standard fields

Can be edited

Radio button

Select by clicking one of the options offered.



img_Terminology 3


Lookup Search field

To activate the search, click on the arrow to the right of the field. This will open the search dialog for the selected field.


Start typing the search criteria then press F12 key

Search field

Start typing the search criteria and then press F12 key

Display Field

Display only fields - grey background with no search option at the right of the field.


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