Function Buttons

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Function Buttons

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The third level of the Main Window includes the function buttons which are broken into:





Search Functions

img_Search Functions


btn_Enter Search Criteria


Enter Search Criteria

btn_Clear Search Criteria


Clear Search Criteria

btn_Count Rows


Count Records

btn_Fetch Data


Fetch Data


A powerful search engine, using SQL as the base of the search, allows extensive searching throughout the System.  Most windows have search capabilities.

By pressing F2 or F3, any field that turns blue can be used in the search criteria.

Wildcards can be used in searches. E.g. BA* will find all entries starting with BA.

Case is important e.g. ba* will not find entries starting with BA.

The search fields that have the arrow pointing to the right will remain grey but can also be searched.



Navigate Functions

img_Navigation Functions


btn_Change Sort Order


Change Sort Order for Navigation

btn_First Row

(Ctrl + F5)

First Row

btn_Prior Row


Prior Row

btn_Next Row


Next Row

btn_Last Row

(Ctrl + F6)

Last Row


The navigation functions are activated when a window is opened.

The Sort Order function can be used to change the order of the data displayed in the Browse grid on the Browse Tab.

You can also change the sort options by clicking on the column headings that have a sort option indicated (small arrow or equals sign).

The navigations keys move the focus from one record to another record.  The record highlighted in the Browse grid indicates the header for the details that will be displayed on the other Tabs in the window.

Navigation keys are useful when checking and editing data.



Update Functions

img_Update Functions


btn_Edit Row


Edit Record or Row

btn_Insert Row


Insert Record or Row

btn_Delete Row


Delete Record or Row

btn_Post Edits


Post (Save) the Update

btn_Cancel Edits


Cancel the Update

btn_Refresh Record Keys


Refresh the data in the active window


Edit, Insert and Delete.

These function keys are used extensively throughout the System.

The colour of the Update function, when activated, is also seen in the fields of the active window.

Refer to the Function Key template for additional functions by using the Shift, Alt and Ctrl keys in conjunction with the function key.

Further details on each of these functions are found in later in the ICE Overview.



Function Mode Colours








The function mode colours indicate quickly the action in progress.


It can be related to the “traffic light” concept.


Green for Go – insert, create a new record.


Yellow for Caution – editing in progress, be careful when editing is required.


Red for Stop – check that the record highlighted is the correct record to delete.


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