SIO - Services in Operation (under review)

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Process Overview : SIO - Services in Operation



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This topic in the SLC is under review.

It is to be updated to the current SIF process.




SIO - Services in operation provides Telstra Dealers with a view of all services that have been connected by them.


Files are downloaded from the Telstra Dealers Commission web site and imported into the Connections module of the ICE Business System.


The SIO facility within ICE enables the dealer to:

Track portfolio of SIOs

Reconcile with Connections activated

Track commission based on SIO and period


The functionality allows:

Import of SIO Reports and Usage Reports

Query SIO




Associated Activities



The resources are:

SIO Files Import

SIO Query





PowerPoint Slideshow Viewer.

Required to view PowerPoint Sideshows, if the PC doesn't have the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

Download the viewer and install on your PC




Advanced User Information


For details on downloading the SIO files (CSV format) from the Telstra web site, please contact your Telstra Area Representative


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