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Process Overview : Copykits



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Copy Kits are a type of Billing Contract like Automatic Billing, that is attached to a piece of equipment and are used to generate revenue.

A typical Cop Kit will last for 12 months or for a pre-determined number of copies, which ever expires first.

A Copy Kit allows equipment to be grouped into various Billing Status Codes for searching and reporting purposes.





Click on a Overview icon  (eg. flow_processing activities (brown)_sml) to open the Overviews and Coaching .


flow_setup activities (Brown)
flow_processing activities (brown)
flow_reporting activities (brown)



Advanced User Information


ICE V2.30 Update

Print Preview

When the Print/Preview button is clicked, the invoice is previewed instead of being emailed to the customer.


ICE V2.25 Update

Print Delivery Options Extended

Depleting contract statements can now be emailed (or exported to PDF) to the customer.

Before statements can be emailed, you need to set up the Depleting Contract email template in:

Admin >> Setup >> General >> Email Set Up.

In addition to the statements, the Payments and Usage Reports from Admin >> Equipment >> Depleting Contracts

can be emailed (or exported) and require the General email template to be set up correctly.

If the Email option is greyed out – one of the things that should be checked is the email address in:

Admin >> Set Up >> Accounting >> Company







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