WI: Meter Readings

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Instructions : Meter Readings


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plus Activity Stages

Click on the required tab above or scroll down


Access Meter Readings


Review Meter Readings


plus Access


Operations ð Automatic Billing ð Selections ð Meter Readings tab

Speed Button:



1: Access Meter Readings


ICE Main Screen

1. Use the menu path:

Operations ð Automatic Billing ð Selections



Automatic Billing Centre

1. Select the following:

Meter Readings tab



2: Review Meter Readings


Automatic Billing Centre

1. Review Readings.



If the equipment had readings entered, whether containing valid values or even null values, prior to performing the import, these values will not be overwritten.

The imported reading can still be assigned by clicking the UGW button.  At this stage the UGW Meter mappings can be modified for a piece of equipment and the ICE Meter readings will be adjusted accordingly until the invoice is created.

The normal billing process can be followed and any exceptions generated, whether using UGW reading or not, can be handled in the usual manner.

2. Click btn_OK key to confirm when review is complete.



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