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Process Overview : Autobilling



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Automatic Billing requires a piece of equipment to be setup in the Equipment masterfile.

Once the equipment has been setup, a billing file can be created to record the details for regular on-going revenue.

This facility can be used to setup regular billing for services such as rental, maintenance agreements, meter charges, aggregate billing, copy kits and pre-paid support blocks.

The frequency and charges of the billing are set against each individual piece of equipment and this information is used in the Billing Selection process to automatically generate the invoices for services as per the billing setup parameters.

The Billing Selection can be run at any time and any pieces of equipment that are due for billing will be selected and an invoice automatically generated.

The invoices are then accepted and passed through to the invoicing component of the Accounts Receivable module for End of Day processing to the General Ledger and to the equipment history.




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Workflow Steps in Autobilling Process:


Create/Setup Equipment in Equipment Masterfile & Equipment Setup tables


Create/Setup Billing Contracts


Automatic Billing Selections


Update Automatic Billing Invoices


If the contract has not been setup, or has been setup incorrectly, the Billing Centre will not recognise the contract as a valid contract.  It will either not create an invoice or display exception errors, which must be rectified in the Automatic Billing Setup details before it can be processed and an invoice created.

Equipment must first be setup in the Equipment Masterfile.

An Automatic Billing Setup is required once a piece of equipment has been sold to a customer, with a billing contract established that requires regular invoicing (billing) to the customer for ongoing maintenance, warranty or rental of the equipment.

The Automatic Billing Setup must be created for the billing details to be available when the Billing Selections are next run, using the Automatic Billing Centre individual equipment, if required.

Equipment billing contracts are setup for each customer and all equipment is attached to the contract.

The details setup are used in conjunction with the Automatic Billing Centre when Automatic Billing Selections are run.

If the Automatic Billing Setup indicates a billing is required, then an invoice is created for the customer using details from the Automatic Billing Setup.








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