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Process Overview : Service Call Manager



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The Service Call Manager function enables the organisation to accurately monitor the performance of both machines and service personnel in the completion of their daily duties.





Click on a Overview icon  (eg. flow_processing activities (brown)_sml) to open the Overviews and Coaching .


flow_setup activities (Brown)
flow_processing activities (brown)
flow_reporting activities (brown)



Advanced User Information


ICE V2.30 Update:

Credit Warning Messages in Service Call Manager

The Credit Warnings only appear when the nominated days have elapsed and there are invoices that are not fully allocated.

The forms where the Customer Warning messages are displayed:

AR Invoice/Credits

AR Banking

Service Logging - new service job

Non-invoice Parts

POS Payment


Service Customer Credit Message

When inserting or editing a customer against a service job, the correct credit display message for that customer is displayed at the bottom of the job details, even after the customer details have been updated in the Customer Master File.

Service Call Manager - Credit Message Updated


Service Invoice Date

The date on the Service Invoice is the date that the call was completed by the technician,

rather than the previously used date that the service job was called off in ICE.

This is in accordance with staff access to be able to operate outside the current period.


Service Call Manager - Custom View

By selecting the option "Save Custom View", it is possible to save the settings after:

changing default order of record view

turning columns on & off

altering column widths & column placements

By selecting the option "Remove Custom View", it is possible to return to the default settings.

Service Call Manager - Custom View Options


Email Service Jobs

Added new email templates:

Depleting Contracts

Service Job Cards


Added ability to pick the equipment system number or equipment code for the emailing of service jobs.



Job Cards

Customer Name added next to Signature on all Job Card formats (with a line to write the name on)

Job Cards for Casual Equipment now adds correct Fax Number.

If fax number is not populated in the job, then it is retrieved from the Customer Master File.


Non-Stock Items & Machine History

Non-stock items called off through job parts, now assign cost (at zero) or revenue on the Machine History.

Machine History for non-stock items (that are flagged as General or Financial) is now recorded:

Cost Price - will always be zero

Sell Price - should come from the invoice line (if the item was chargeable).


Service Call Manager - Preview Invoices

If ICE is set to Preview invoices first in System Defaults, then the invoice can be previewed first,

regardless of whether the customer is set to having invoices emailed to them.

A Print button has been added as a drop down to permit the invoice to be previewed if needed

(the same as customer statements).

Service Call Manager Confirm Window


Service Parts Price for Internal Customers

Booking out parts via Service behaves the same way as Accounts Receivables invoicing as long as customer is internal.

i.e. cost price is retrieved as sales price in Service when booking out parts.



ICE V2.25 Update:

Parts Call Off - Warranty Check Box

Warranty checkbox on the Service Call Parts Used window (Parts - Call Off) is editable after update of job parts.

Service Call Parts Used


Email Service Jobs to Technicians

Print Service Job Cards to PDF

Email Service Job to technicians

Email address details need to be setup in Admin Utility (v37 onwards):

Security >> Users and Groups >> Users tab >> Details tab

Email Address field

Email templates needs to be setup in:

Admin >> Setup >> General >> Email Setup



ICE V2.21 Update:

Service Calendar Module Selection

Service Calendar Module drop-down allows the selection of any module - including all modules.


Sales Person in Service Jobs & Service Invoices

System Default to enforce the addition of a sales person to a service job in:

Admin > System Defaults > Branches > Service Job

Option to be able to set a default sales person to appear on all Service Invoices and option to change this when necessary on:

Other Details tab > Sales Person (Old Service Form)


Print Delivery Options Extended

Print Invoices/Statements to PDF

Print PDF Invoices/Statements in Batches

Email Invoices/Statements to Customer

Functionality inclusion -  Accounts Receivables, Service, Customer Master, Auto Billing

Format - include remittance section (2 Formats)

Generation rules - (either to email or print) based on available customer information

Email hosting details and templates needs to be setup in:

Admin > Setup > General > Email Setup


WIth <INVOICE> entered in Subject line of template,

the invoice number can be searched for by using the "Emails (unsent)" speed button (lightening flash)


If the Email option is greyed out – one of the things that should be checked is the email address in:

Admin > Set Up > Accounting > Company



Service Non-Invoiced Parts

When you print the delivery docket the printed flag is set as Printed.

The billing status is added in Non Invoiced parts entry screen.

Non Invoiced Parts Delivery Docket prints Equipment Code, Equipment Type, Model and Serial Number.

The billing status is now displayed on both the Check List and Audit Trail reports when a transaction is updated.


Fault Details on Old Service Form:

The Fault Details in Old Service Create/ Edit form can now accept 15 to 20 lines and the scroll bar is also enabled.


System Defaults:

System Defaults > Company's > General (Cont.):

“Service Mobility Enabled” section removed

Added a new check box called "Update Job Parts & Non Invoice Parts with Service Invoices"


Service Invoice Update:

When updating an invoice batch containing service invoices, the new ’Update Job Parts and Non-invoiced Parts with Service Invoices’ system default allows parts and non-invoiced parts to be updated as part of the invoice update process.


Equipment Master Accessories:

Equipment accessories can now be automatically maintained when selling/returning correctly set up stock items via AR Invoicing, Service Job Parts or Non Invoiced Parts.

When a stock item that is flagged as an accessory in Stock Master is added to an AR invoice line against an equipment, an accessory will be automatically added to the Equipment Master record for that equipment.

The new accessory will be visible on the Equipment Master Accessory tab, together with relevant purchase and sale details. If the stock item is serialised then a new accessory will be added to the equipment for each serial number used. A credit note for an accessory also creates an Equipment Master Accessory record but with a negative quantity.

In Stock Master, flagging an item as Accessory Stock (on the Details tab) now requires an Accessory Type to be set. This will initially be populated with the default accessory type set in Admin > Setup > Inventory > Inventory Types for the particular stock type.


ICE V2.15 Update:

Service Job Scheduling (Booking of Service Calls)

When the schedule technicians including all technicians, form is maximised the calendar can be resized to fill the screen.

Click and drag to expand or contract the height and width of the columns and rows like in excel.

Hover the mouse over the schedule record & see the customer name, job no. information & fault.

Double click the selected schedule record to open the job in view/edit on the Call In Tab

On Service Call Manager the button has been changed from Book Date to Scheduler

Service Job Schedule displays WYSIWYG (for one or all technicians) and is available for printing.

In the Administration Utility an option called "Scheduler Colour" has been added for the setup of staff as Technicians:

The assigned scheduler colour then remains with this technician for all service jobs scheduled.

Once a colour has been assigned to one tech - this colour is no longer available for selection

On termination the colour assigned for the scheduling is released for reuse.



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