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Overview: Processing Activities



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To comprehensively understand the functionality of the Service Call Management module and the important role it plays within the ICE Business System.

Ensure the Service Management module accurately interfaces with the Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger modules, for the purpose of recording the revenue and expenditure incurred as part of the maintenance and servicing of equipment.

Enable the monitoring of the profitability of each piece of Equipment to ensure the income generated from the maintenance contract for the equipment is covering the service work being provided for under the contract.


The resources are:


Service Call Management            

Accessing Service Call Manager      

Options for Service Call Manager      

New Service Job            

Creating a new Service Job      

Old Service Form      

New Service Form      

Non-Invoiced Parts/Toner              

Accessing Non-invoiced Parts/Toner      

Creating a Delivery Docket      

Non-Service Hours            

Accessing Non-Service Hours      

Recording Non-Service Hours      

Update Process              

Accessing Service Job Update Process      

Service Job Update Process – Audit Trail

Non-Invoiced Parts – Update Process

Non-Invoiced Parts – Audit Trail






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Advanced User Information


The Service Management Module provides facilities to manage service calls, log service calls, allocate calls to technicians, call off service calls and allocate labour and parts to each call.

The billing status and call type combine to determine whether the service call requires an invoice, if an invoice is required; it is generated from service and automatically sent to the Debtors module for updating.

The invoice can be previewed or printed from the Service Call Manager or printed as part of the end of day invoice updating process.




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