Processing Activities

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Overview: Processing Activities



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To understand and appropriately apply the preferred methodology when processing transactions relating to the Accounting function

To provide support resources for the activities required for processing in the Accounting module.


The resources are:


General Ledger Journals

Accessing Journals

Creating Journals

Journals and the GST

Journals and Sales Tax

General Ledger Payments

Accessing GL Payments

GL Payments

General Ledger Receipts

Accessing GL Receipts

GL Receipts

General Ledger Reversals

General Ledger Recurring Transactions

General Ledger Accruals Journals

Bank Summary

Accessing Bank Summary

Bank Summary – Initial Print

Bank Summary – Reprint

Update Process

General Ledger Update Process

ICE v2.25 Update

General Ledger Drill Down






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The processing activities being examined in this tutorial relate to the General Ledger Accounting activities that transact directly into the General Ledger Chart of Accounts.




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