EDI File Generation

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Activity Overview - EDI File Generation



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The EDI file is generated as a result of an End of Day process

The EDI file is transferred to Telstra

It is an output and doesn't require any user interaction.

Head Office (Signature Support Staff) Users can:

Resend EDI file to Telstra

Browse EDI File details





Advanced User Information


The EDI files are generated only for Bill Types which are Electronic Transfer enabled

Users can generate the EDI file in EOD Reconciliation.

Each time an EOD reconcile is done; a new EDI file will be generated for all those transactions of the day which have not been reconciled.

If multiple payment types exist for multiple Bill entry in a single transaction, the payment type amount will  be split across account number (bill types) if this amount exceeds any one or both the bill amounts. Consider the following example :

A customer has presented 2 bills of amounts $125.06 (Bill A) and $111.00 (Bill B).

The payment types are Cash and Cheque of amounts $36.05 and $200.01 respectively.

In this case, since the Cheque amount ie $200.01 exceeds both the Bill amounts, the amount is split into $89 and $111 and 3 entries as follows:

2 entries for Bill A of $36.05 in cash and $89.01 in cheque

1 entry for Bill B of $111.00 in cheque

The payment details include any positive or negative cash rounding



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