End of Day Count & Reconciliation

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Activity Overview - End of Day Count & Reconciliation



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Allows the user to update the counts of payments at End of Day (EOD).

Allows the user to do a reconciliation of all kinds of payments at End of Day (EOD).




Advanced User Information


End of Day ð Bill pay

If User clicks on btn_BP_Cancel button control returns to Main Screen.

Clicking the btn_Open Drawer button opens the drawer so that the cash can be counted for the EOD reconciliation.

Once clicked, a dialog box appears requesting a reason as to why it has been opened.

The user who performs this action is recorded.


On clicking of the btn_BP_Show Count button, the count for each denomination is retrieved (If it exists) and the corresponding amount is calculated and displayed to the user.

On clicking of the btn_BP_Submit Count button, the total cash and the amount corresponding to other payment types are used in Bill Payment Reconciliation.

If User clicks on btn_BP_Print Transaction by Tender button, the Print Transactions by Tender Report is printed.

If there are no transactions and user clicks btn_BP_Submit Count button, the system displays the message:

No Bill Pay Transactions for this Drawer. EOD for this drawer is not required

If the EOD reconcile has already been done, new transactions are added after that and then the User clicks on btn_BP_Complete button:

an EDI file will be generated for the new transactions.

a new report file with all the transactions of the day (including the transactions added after the first EOD reconcile was done) will be generated

If there are no Electronic transfer enabled Bill types in the transactions for the day, the EDI and Report files are not generated.

The system calculates the difference between the Count and Actual and displays the Discrepancy for Float and all the payment types.

The btn_BP_Complete button is not enabled if any discrepancies are present

On clicking of the btn_BP_Complete button the following is done:

The EDI and Report files required to be transferred to Telstra are generated and stored

All the reports, for the selected drawer, are printed


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