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Activity Overview - Group Master



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Allows the users who belongs to the Store Admin group or Head Office group (Signature Support staff) to:

Browse the Group Master

Add new Group in the Group Master and set the security settings for that group.

Modify the details of any entry in the Group Master.

Link multiple users to a group



Currently Groups are required to be unique across the entire BillPoint system.

In order to avoid error messages relating to Duplicate Groups it is recommended to prefix Group IDs with the store code. (This is a temporary situation )




Advanced User Information


Admin ð Group

If a Group has been created by a user from the Head Office group, the Store Admin user will not be allowed to activate/deactivate the Group

If the User selects the Copy Security to new Group - btn_BP_Radio button  radio button and then clicks btn_BP_Add New button, the Security settings of the newly created group will be set to the Security settings of the selected Group.


If the EDI Report File option is selected in the Reports section, all reports print off automatically at EOD (as well as the In-Draw report).


This is because stores are required by Telstra to send in hard copy reports detailing all of the Payment transactions.

Telstra archive the hard copies of the EDI reports in case they have to investigate problems with customer accounts.

They do this instead of looking at the electronically stored EDI Report files.



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