Manual Bill Entry

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Activity Overview - Manual Bill Entry



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Allows the user to enter Bill details manually into the system.

The Bill Type can be:

Mobilenet (RACE/MICA)





Service Plus


General Misc


Bigpond BPI



The payment can be in the form of Cash, Cheque, Credit/Debit Card and Telstra Gift Voucher.




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Advanced User Information


Bill ð Capture ð Goto Manual Entry


All the bill entries in a single transaction should be of the same type ie Electronic transfer type or Manual transfer type. No transaction can have a combination of transfer types.

If User does not enter any details action and clicks btn_BP_OK button the System displays the message:

Account Number required”.


Multiple bills can be entered as long as the Account Numbers are different.


If the Account number has already has been entered, the system displays the message:

Two Bills with the same Account no, cannot be entered in the same transaction.

Remove previous Bill with this Account No: <account No> Amount:$<Amount>


The Comments field entry is:

Stored in the Database

Printed in the EDI Report File and the General Misc Payments report

Sent to Telstra as part of the EDI Report file.

We are unaware of whether Telstra actually uses this field or not.


Cheque Overprinting in the ICE Bill Pay module has now been replaced in BillPoint by the cheque number being added to Bill Payment Tender Summary by date report in the EDI Report File.


Telstra requested this change to remove the need for the installation/replacement of the receipt printing with the overprinting functionality, allowing for a more cost effective option.


When entering payment details, double-pressing the Enter key will populate an amount field with the balance of the payment.


System does the following validations

If the payment is only in Cash or a combination of Cash and Gift Voucher, the cash amount is rounded to the nearest 5 cents. If the bill amount is 10.53, the amount will be rounded to 10.55, if the amount is 10.52, the amount will be rounded to 10.50.

Rounding off is done only if the payment is a full Cash payment type or a combination of Cash and Gift Voucher.

The total amount entered for all Payment types does not exceed the Payment Total else the btn_BP_Complete Transaction button is not enabled.

The total amount entered for all Payment types is not less than the Payment Total else the btn_BP_Complete Transaction button is not enabled.

Other than Cash, all other payment modes must have payment details updated.

The btn_BP_Complete Transaction button is not enabled if the above validations fail.



In BillPoint the Receipt Number has changed format:


Under the old Bill Pay system the receipt number was in the format:

Ref No:   CS000xxxxx     dd/mm/yyyy

This number was incremented by 1 for each receipt within a store.


Under the new BillPoint system the format has changed to become:

Ref Code: xxxx  dd/mm/yyy

This number increments by 1 for each receipt within the BillPoint system.

This means that for each store the reference number may increment by a variable amount depending on the activity across the whole system.


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