Main Window

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Main Window

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The main window of the ICE System opens as shown below:

img_ICE Main Window

1: Title Bar

The active window has a “Title Bar” highlighted with the Windows “Active Window” colour setting.


Window details appear in the top left corner.


2: Window Controls

The small icons in the top right corner of the ICE main form and enactive windows allow the user to minimize, maximize or close the active window.


3: Main Menu

Click on a menu item to display the menu options available.


4: Speed Buttons

Commonly used areas of the system, which can be access directly rather than accessing via the Main Menu.


Hold the cursor over each speed button to see the function of the button.


5: Function Buttons

Search, Order, navigation and updating.


The Function Buttons also operate with function keys.


The function buttons activate when a window is active by selecting a menu item from the main menu.


6: ICE Desktop

Windows (Forms) within ICE are opened using the menu options on the main menu.


Multiple windows can be opened at one time and these can be arranged on the ICE desktop by clicking on the title bar and dragging the window to another location on the desktop, minimizing, maximizing or using the Window menu to arrange the the users preference.



If the menu item or speed button is “greyed out” this indicates the option in inactive and there is no access been allocated to the option.

Contact the system administrator for access, if required.


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