Sorting & Navigating

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Sorting & Navigating

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The navigation functions allow users to scroll through the data within a window using available sort options for the data and the browse grid.


Each browse grid has its own set of sort options depending on the fields in the browse grid.  Sort options can be changed using the ‘Change Sort Order’ function button or by clicking on the column heading in the browse grid.  The column heading must have a sort indicator as shown in screenshot below for the field to be used in a sort option.


Once the sort order is selected the navigation arrows scroll through the data in the selected sort order.  The navigation function keys (F5 and F6) also scroll, using the Shift and Ctrl in combination with the navigation functions keys users have more scrolling options.




Function keys are extremely quick when scrolling through records for editing.


Use F5 or F6 to scroll to previous or next record.



To quickly edit data use a search to fetch a subset of records, go to the first record Ctrl + F5, begin editing the fields and press F6 when complete – this will save and scroll to the next record.

If the data edited in the field no longer matches the search criteria, pressing F10 will save the changes and the record will be removed from the search subset as it no longer meets the search criteria.


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