WI: Import UGW Meter Reads

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Instructions : Import UGW Meter Reads


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plus Activity Stages

Click on the required tab above or scroll down


Select import file


Process UGW Reads


Resolve Errors / Exceptions


plus Access


Operations ð Automatic Billing ð Selections

Right click form header ð Processes ð Import UGW Meter Reads

Speed Button:



1: Select import file


ICE Main Screen

1. Use the menu path:

Operations ð Automatic Billing ð Selections



Automatic Billing Centre

1. Right-click on the form header and select the following:

Processes ð Import UGW Meter Reads




2: Process UGW Reads


UGW Meter Read Import

1. Complete the following fields:



UGW Meter Reading Import File

Enter the required file name by clicking btn_browse (browse) button and selecting the file to be imported


2. Click btn_validate file button to validate the structure and content of the file.


The results of the validation process are displayed in the memo field and if any errors or warnings are detected a message dialog will be displayed.

The validation results can be printed by clicking the btn_print button.

After a successful validation the btn_next button will be become enabled to allow the user to progress through to the next stage.

3. Click btn_next button to continue.

4. Click btn_Process UGW Reads button.


The nominated import file is processed to generate readings for each UGW Meter and Equipment listed in the file.

Errors and warnings messages are displayed in the memo field

Errors and warnings messages can be printed by using the btn_print button.



3: Resolve Errors / Exceptions


UGW Meter Read Import

1. Click btn_next button to continue.

2. Complete the following fields:



Exception Filter

Click btn_arrow_drop down (drop-down) button to select required filter criteria

3. Process any errors or exceptions.


ICE v2.15 Update

Previously when importing reads a "Multiple equipment match the serial no: xxx" message may have been generated if the same serial number was used on multiple equipment, even though only one was active.

e.g. If a machine was refurbished and put in the system twice with the same serial number and the old machine set to ^closed^ in the equipment masterfile, it may have still errored on the closed machine during the UGW import. This has been fixed  with the UGW import ignoring all machines that have a status of closed.


What the user is allowed to do will depend on the type of exception:

For “Multiple matching equipment” and “Equipment not found” the user is allowed to search for and set the equipment.  The selected equipment will be used for all exceptions with the same Device ID.

Duplicate reading” exception will allow the user to accept or reject record; all duplicate reads will be rejected by default.

Unmapped meters identified by the "UGW Meter not mapped to equipment" exception will require the user to exit and fix the mappings in the equipment master file before re-importing the file.

4. Review Import by clicking appropriate button  (if required).



The following buttons can be selected:

btn_Print Import Results

btn_Print Import Readings

btn_Print Import Listing

btn_Select Import Billings

5. Click btn_Finished button when review is finished.



All imported Reads are saved

Log and Import file are saved to the archive directory defined in the system defaults.

At anytime in the process the user can click the btn_Cancel button to abort.

This prevents any reads from being saved, but a log will still be recorded (and marked as aborted) if a file have been processed.



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