Processing Activities

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Overview : Processing Activities



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To provide support resources for the activities required to process in the eMaintenance area.


The resources are:



Download UGW File




Work Instructions


Import UGW Meter Reads




Work Instructions



PowerPoint Slideshow Viewer.

Required to view PowerPoint Sideshows, if the PC doesn't have the Microsoft PowerPoint application.

Download the viewer and install on your PC




Advanced User Information


ICE v2.15 Update

Previously when importing reads a "Multiple equipment match the serial no: xxx" message may have been generated if the same serial number was used on multiple equipment, even though only one was active.

e.g. If a machine was refurbished and put in the system twice with the same serial number and the old machine set to ^closed^ in the equipment masterfile, it may have still errored on the closed machine during the UGW import. This has been fixed  with the UGW import ignoring all machines that have a status of closed.


Download UGW File


The UGW File can become corrupted if the the download process is not followed exactly. This will result in an error when attempting to import the file into ICE.

See Step 8 in the Instructions for the critical step.



This step is performed outside the ICE Application.

It is provided as a guide only to ensure the correct file is downloaded and used for the UGW Meter Reads Import.



UGW File & Format

The file name is "UGW Meter Reading Import File.csv"




Import UGW Meter Reads




When importing a UGW read into auto billing, it only looks for serial numbers that are in the current company being worked on.

Multiple files can be processed before having to perform the billing run.

The same file can also be processed again to allow unprocessed readings, due to previous errors, to be imported.

The following exceptions are defined:

Exception Type


Multiple matching equipment

Multiple equipment was found where serial numbers match the Device ID's in the import file

Equipment not found

No equipment was found with the serial number matching the Device ID in the import file

UGW Meter not mapped to equipment

The import file has a reading for a UGW Meter Type that is not attached to any ICE meter for the equipment identified by the Device ID

Duplicate reading

The import file contains a reading for a UGW Meter on the same date but with a different reading to one already processed


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