eMaintenance for Canon Dealers

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Process Overview : eMaintenance for Canon Dealers



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The Universal Gateway (UGW) is a centralized web based application hosted by Canon to integrate and operate with Canon machines (copiers) in field (MIF).

A functional component of the UGW is its ability to capture the count of meters in MIF and export to particular formats for use within third party billing applications.

As a part of this initiative ICE has been provided with the capability to import UGW meters read exports to the Billing components.





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Advanced User Information


ICE v2.30 Update

UGW Meter Import

An exception is created if the imported meter read is 30 days different from current system date

(same as when you enter a read manually)

Option available to save a meter read that is the same as the previous read.

Option to mark an invoice, as printed on invoice tab, has been re-implemented.


ICE v2.15 Update

Identical Serials & Closed Status

Previously when importing reads a "Multiple equipment match the serial no: xxx" message may have been generated if the same serial number was used on multiple equipment, even though only one was active.

e.g. If a machine was refurbished and put in the system twice with the same serial number and the old machine set to ^closed^ in the equipment masterfile, it may have still errored on the closed machine during the UGW import. This has been fixed  with the UGW import ignoring all machines that have a status of closed.





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