WI: Multiple Matching Equipment

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Instructions : Multiple Matching Equipment


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plus Activity Stages

Click on the required tab above or scroll down


Access Equipment Masterfile


Select Equipment


Resolve Error - Change Serial Number


plus Access


Admin ð Equipment ð General Details ð Browse tab

Speed Button:



1: Access Equipment Masterfile


ICE Main Screen

1. Use the menu path:

Admin ð Equipment ð General Details



Equipment Master File

1. Select the following:

Browse tab



Use the btn_arrow_left or btn_arrow_right buttons to scroll the tabs.



2: Select Equipment


Equipment Master File

1. Click F12 key to retrieve all equipment

2. Select required equipment


ICE v2.15 Update

Previously when importing reads a "Multiple equipment match the serial no: xxx" message may have been generated if the same serial number was used on multiple equipment, even though only one was active.

e.g. If a machine was refurbished and put in the system twice with the same serial number and the old machine set to ^closed^ in the equipment masterfile, it may have still errored on the closed machine during the UGW import. This has been fixed  with the UGW import ignoring all machines that have a status of closed.


The error message displayed when importing the UGW Meter Reads will indicate which Equipment Serial Number is required.


img_Error_Multiple Matching equipment

the above error message indicates that the Serial Number 'FIVE001' occurs more than once in the Equipment Master File



3: Resolve Error - Change Serial Number


The following provides the instructions for the example where the error can be resolved by changing the serial number of one of the pieces of equipment:


Equipment Master File

1. Select the General tab

2. Complete the following fields:



Serial Number

Update with required value

3. Click btn_Apply button

4. Click btn_OK button to update and close Equipment Master File window



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