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Activity Overview - Refund



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Allows the user to refund any bill payment made by the customer




Advanced User Information


Refunds through BillPoint are only available on transactions before the End of Day is processed.

If the End of Day has been processed, the transaction can be refunded through a manual process such as the use of Telstra's "Bill Payment Reversal" form.

If the user does not select any transaction to refund and click on btn_BP_Refund button, the system displays the  message:

Select a Payment

For any transaction which includes a payment type of Telstra Gift Voucher, no refunds are allowed

For refundable transaction, clicking of the btn_BP_Complete Transaction button results in the following:

A new transaction number is generated

A status change to “Payment Reversed

A new entry is made in the transaction details, with a negative amount and status change to “Refunded

A reverse entry is made in all relevant Bill payment transactions

All bill payments made against a transaction are now retrieved when the user chooses to view and/or refund a bill.

This prevents the ’partial refund’ situation that was possible in previous versions.



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